Makeup Remover
Makeup remover - dual phase
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Makeup Remover

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120 ml | 4.05 oz

Removing your make-up should be a simple and gentle process. There is no need to strip your skin with hard cleansers. Oil cleansers are an excellent option for hydration and healing as you softly melt your make-up off without vigorously scrubbing. Chamomile-infused witch hazel and raw honey are natural solutions for deep cleansing, pore reduction, and reducing inflammation while calming irritated skin. Grapeseed oil and aloe vera are well known for their healing properties and help regulate oil production when used regularly. Whether you are taking off a full face of make-up or simply mascara, our remover is quick to use and promotes a healthy, glowing complexion.


Ingredients: chamomile infused witch hazel ( alcohol-free ), grapeseed oil, safflower oil, aloe vera extract, chamomile hydrosol, local and ethically sourced honey, vitamin e oil



I come in glass packaging. Please reuse me
or remove my label and recycle 👍🏼